Service and Training

  • To ensure access to an adequate supply of competitively priced products for members through cooperative collective bargaining and negotiation.
  • To provide a healthy environment or an exchange of ideas and information along with opportunities to establish beneficial relationships between members and suppliers.
  • To enhanced members’ ability to compare with other businesses and succeed in the process.
  • To advise and educate members in order to enable them to run their businesses effectively and profitably.
  • To provide members with opportunities for professional growth through educational and service-oriented programs such as training sessions, seminars, workshops, resources, newsletters and networking.
  • To encourage members to maintain good business ethics and portray a positive image to the community.
  • To initiate, monitor, and influence governmental action and private-sector initiatives for the facilitation of local trade through strategic planning, education, and advocacy as well as research and analysis.
  • To liaise with other trade associations and similar entities to strengthen the member businesses and formulate best practices.
  • While AMA’s primary focus has always been on increasing the strength and visibility of its members’ businesses, it has also historically served as a responsible steward of society by responding to the needs of its members as well as the community at large. AMA often partners with like-minded agencies as well as corporations that share an interest in helping communities and individuals in distress.